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We Are Retiring!


As of 12-1-2019 we have decided to close the shop and retire. This site will remain open for supprt. Over the next month or so we will be adding videos and support files. We appreciate your support over that last 15 years and sincerely appologize for any inconvenience our exit from the industry may cause, but at some point the health and well-being of our family must come first.

For contoller upgrades and retrofits, we are recommending Spark Robotics. They have a relativaly inexpensive controller package that appears to work well. Gary Ramsey has installed this control on one of our machines and gave it a thumbs up. Spark Robotics is located in Ashville, NC and can be contacted at 828-782-3279.

RC Enterprises - 208 Edwards Dr - Jackson - TN - 38301