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The new G3 is here!

Compare the new G3 to other machines in it's class and we're sure you'll agree, the G3 is the best value in the industry. No other machine offers what the G3 offers at such a low price.

Take a look at the specs and photos below while we work on our new website.

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Industrial CNC Plasma Controls

Don't settle for a Windows PC when you can have the real thing. The G3 uses the iCNC Performance control from Thermal Dynamics. This is a dedicated control designed from the board level to control a cutting machine. Unlike Windows PC's, the iCNC Performance control is designed for use with all plasma power supplies, including machines that use high frequency arc start such as high definition and oxygen plasma. The iCNC Performance has the ability to control up to two plasma torches and up to four oxy fuel cutting torches. G3 cutting tables are typically configured with one plasma torch and can be fitted with one optional oxy fuel torch. Step up to industrial controls with the G3 and say goodbye to the desktop PC.

Servo Motors

The G3 uses Clearpath servo motors, not steppers. Servos deliver smooth accurate motion which is visible in the cut. You can even here the difference between a smooth servo and a low resolution stepper.

Linear Rail

The G3 uses smooth running linear rail. Compare other machines that use flat roller bearings or even some that use plastic rollers. The G3 does not compromise in quality here delivering a machine that will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Heavy Duty Lifter Assembly

The G3 uses a sealed heavy duty lifter assembly with ball screw drive. The crash sensing torch mount uses optical sensors to detect a crash. If a crash s detected, the control stops and retracts. After clearing the condition that caused the crash, a single button press resumes cutting.

CAD, CAM and Nesting Software

Every G3 comes with Vectric Cut2D. Cut2D is an easy to use CAD drawing program with integrated CAM (tool path generation) and full shape nesting.

Choose Your Plasma Power Supply

The G3 is compatible with any of the quality plasma power supplies from Thermal Dynamics, Hypertherm and Miller. Thermal Dynamics plasma power supplies offer seamless integration the the iCNC controls. The G3 also supports high definition and oxygen plasma using high frequency arc start. Only industrial controls designed to handle high frequency are capable of running high definition and oxygen plasma. The G3 allows the flexibility of starting with air plasma and upgrading later.

Water Bed

All G3 machines are manufactured with water cutting beds unless other wise noted. Cutting over water eliminates 95% of the smoke and dust generated by the plasma cutting process.

Technical Support

Support is available during normal business hours through us or through Thermal Dynamics. Support is unlimited at no additional charge. TeamViewer is used for tech support which requires a WiFi connection to the Internet.

Custom Colors

Since we powder coat each machine in-house we can offer custom colors for a minimal fee. The color shown in this listing was a customer request. Our standard color is texture black with gloss red logos.


Shipping is quoted on an individual basis and usually runs 2$ - $2.50 per loaded mile. Lead time is 3-4 weeks from the time of order. Machines are manufactured and shipped from Jackson, TN.


Pricing on the G3 is only $19,995 for a 4x8, $20,995 for a 5x10 and $23,995 for a 6x12. Campare aples to apples and you'll se why the Trucut G3 is the industies best value in plasma cutting machines.

What are our competitor doing - Click this link to see some comparisons.

G3 Photos
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