Our mid-range industrial line up consists of two machines. Both utilize the same basic frame, but offer different controllers to suite different budgets and functional requirements.

XT: The XT offers rack and pinion drive with planetary gear boxes and two motors to drive the gantry (one on each side) providing the rigidity needed when cutting intiquate designs (artwork) at higher speeds.  The XT also includes a new Dell PC running Windows 10 and Mach3 software.

XT-Performance: The SeriesOne Performance takes the XT to the next level by eliminating the PC and Mach3 control software. The Performance uses the Victor iCNC Performance control with the Victor iHC lifter and height control. The Performance control, unlike Mach4, was designed and purpose built for plasma cutting. It offers user freindly features not available in Mach4 and because the control was built from the board level for plasma cutting and it is capable of running high definition plasma. A servo upgrade is available for the XT-Performance.

  XT XT Performance
Controls PC/Mach4 Victor iCNC Performance
THC Trucut TruTrac Victor iHC
X&Y Drive NEMA 34 stepper NEMA 34 stepper
X&Y Primary Reduction Planetary Gear Drive Planetary Gear Drive
X&Y Final Drive Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion
Rail Type V-Roller V-Roller
Gantry Drive Config Dual Side, Dual Motor Dual Side, Dual Motor
Nesting Software Vectric Cut2d Pro Vectric Cut2d Pro
Plasma Compatability Air Plasma Only Air, O2 and High Defition
Base model Pricing. Includes choice or water table or open grid system.
4 X 8 $14,995 $20,995
5 X 10 $17,295 $23,295
6 X 12 $21,495 $27,495

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