SeriesOne - Getting Started
SeriesOne/XT Operators Manual, Mach 3 Software- Machines delivered after 3/30/2017
SeriesOne/XT Operators Manual, Mach3 Software- Machines delivered after 1/1/2017
SeriesOne/XT Operators Manual, Mach4 Software
SeriesOne Site Prep Guide
SeriesOne Setup Guide
Table Layout - Floor Plan
4 x 8 Table Frame Plans
5 x 10 Table Frame Plans
Shop Data Systems HVAC Software
BobCAD V26 32 Bit
BobCAD V26 64 Bit
BobCAD V27 32 Bit
BobCAD V27 64 Bit
BobCAD V29 64 Bit

BobCAD V30

Note: This link will take you to the BobCAD website. Fill out the online form and download the free trial and Install the softwate. When you firast run the software, select Activate Online and use the username and password on the PDF document that we provide you. If you have not yet received the license PDF, you can run as demo then activate online by going to the help menu when you receive the license information.

CPC Adapter Box Wiring Diagram
Sample DXF Files
THC remote control instructions for machines prior to 1/1/2017

Hypertherm Service Bulletin 807060
---Connecting raw arc voltage to an external THC.

Single stroke engraving font
---To install dowload and extract the file below and copy into your Windows Font folder.

Windows 10/Mach3/4 Optimization Guide
---Steps and procedures to improve Mach3/4 performance on Windows 10 PC's

Registry Hack to Disable Cortana on Windows 10 PC's
---See Optimization Guide above for instructions.

How to check motors and drives with an ohm meter.
Using F5 gas to cut stainless with Powermax 65/85/105





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