Save money by buying the SeriesOne table in kit form. Buying in kit form lets you build the parts that you can build and buy the parts that you can't. You are also not locked into a table length. Buy our gantry kit and build you're table as long as you like. Our RolleRackā„¢ drive system allows you to very economically increase the table length. Standard rail lengths accommodate 8' and 10' cutting areas.

The Gantry Kit consists of everything Listed Below....
  • CNC Controller.
  • PC, Keyboard and mouse.
  • TruTrac Automatic Torch Height Control.
  • Welded Steel Gantry W/Linear Rail.
  • Z lifter assembly with floating head.
  • Y axis cable carrier.
  • X axis cable carrier.
  • (2) Gantry mounted Estop twist release buttons.
  • Z axis upper limit switch.
  • X and Y axis industrial rotary limit switches.
  • X Axis linear rails.
  • Touch-off (IHS) floating head switch.
  • Sheet metal covers for Z carriage and gantry ends.
  • RolleRackā„¢ drive chain for 8 or 10 foot table.
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Pre-Wired and Bench Tested.
  • Full plans package for builiding your table frame.

Our Gantry kits include everything except the table frame and monitor. We've included all of the hard to find parts and elecrtonics. We even include a PC tower with Mach3 and SheetCAM loaded and configured. Pricing on SeriesOne kits is as follows....

Gantry kit paletized for shipping. Kits shipping LTL freight are fully crated. Also included but not shown are linear rails and box containing PC and accessories.

$7,995 (4 Foot Cutting Width)
$8,495 (5 Foot Cutting Width)
$8,995 (6 Foot Cutting Width)

Gantry Kits are also available in the XT series rack and pinion models. XT kits are similar to SeriesOne kits except they include factory built rack/rail assemblies and gearboxes with rack and pinion drive. Pricing on XT kits as as follows....

$11,495 (4 Foot Cutting Width)
$11,995 (5 Foot Cutting Width)
$12,495 (6 Foot Cutting Width)
Gantry kits come with SheetCAM. Complete your system by choosing a CAD program. Click on Software on the main menu to see our available software. To price a complete system, please see our Build Your Table page.


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