The TruCut SeriesOne Plasma table uses Mach4 controller software. Every machine includes a full commercial license for Mach4 as well as our own screenset. Our screenset includes features not found on any other machine in this price range.

Our program run screen includes features you would find on most machine as well as advanced features found only on machines costing 2 -3 times more.

Access all machine functions easily and quickly from this screen.




The Shape Wizard is something normally found on high end controllers such as Burny, Hypertherm and ProMotion. Any of the shapes shown can be created right on the machine with no CAD or CAM work. Just select the shape and enter a few basic parameters and within seconds you have a ready to run program.



Another feature unique to TruCut machines is our TruTrace Wizard. This feature allows you to turn patterns into parts quickly and easily by simply marking a few points around the pattern.

The next time a customer brings in a cardboard template and asks if you can cut it, you can do it without even breaking out a tape measure.

The TruCut machine is designed to make you money and features like the TruTrace Wizard allow you to make even more.


Access the Hypertherm cut charts right from the machine saving time.



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