The standard PC that is included with every machine is adequate to run the machine, but lacking in memory and processin power to run any CAD or drawing programs. These upgrades will give you more RAM, a larger hard drive, faster processor and Windows 10 Pro. The standard system includes....

  • Inspiron 3650 PC
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB Hard drive
  • Intel i3-6100 Processor
  • Windows 10 Pro

We have four PC grades available as follows...

Level 1 Upgrade
  Inspiron 3650 PC
  1TB Hard Drive
  Intel i5-6400 Processor
  Windows 10 Pro
Level 2 Upgrade
  Inspiron 3650 PC
  16GB RAM
  2TB Hard Drive
  Intel i7-6700 Processor
  Windows 10 Pro


All SeriesOne and XT frames are powder coated. Prior to powder coating, all parts are degreased and treated with iron phosphate which etces the metal and provides a base for the powder coat to adhere. Another method is sand blasting. Which is better? Sand blasting is better as it removes mill scale and creates a better bonding surface. Our powder coater does offer sand blasting at an additional cost so we will offer it to you.

You can add sand blasting for $600. Not that this adds about 2 weeks to the lead time since there is only one facility with a large enough blast room in the area.


The ball screw lifter upgrade includes a ball scew driven, completely sealed lifter assembly. While our standard lifter is quite robust, it is lead screw driven and under extreme use, the lead nut can wear.

The ball screw lifter upgrade is recommended for shops who plan on running their machine all day every day or running multiple shifts.

If you are not sure whether you should purchase this upgrade, give us a call. Based on you're intended useage, we can steer you in the right direction.

NOTE: This option is standard on our SeriesOne Pro machines.

Available for SeriesOne and XT machines.

Only $795

We came across this console and decided to share the source rather that resell it. It is delivered as pictured with assembly required and includes a lexan window. We replaced the lexan with glass. As you can see from the photos, the PC fits nicely, it has a pull-out drawer for storing consumables and it even has a keyboard drawer. You can purchase this console here.


The SeriesOne is available with a high performance downdraft ventilation system. This system flows 3000CFM @ 0SP and evacuates dust and smoke from you shop. The side enclosure panels attach using cam lock fasteners making panel removal fast and easy.

The fan operates on 110V and can be connected to any 110V outlet or it can be connected to the 110V auxiliary output on the SeriesOne controller. When connected to the controller, the fan can be controlled using M codes in your gcode.

The downdraft system includes...

  • 1 fan unit
  • 1 catch pan
  • 6 aluminum side enclosure panels
  • 1 aluminum end enclosure panel

Only $1995

Available for SeriesOne, XT and XT-P.

The new plasma marking system is here. This system includes a brand new Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP. The new XP is capable of marking by running very low currents as low as 10A. Typical marking is done at between 10A and 15A. A machine set up with plasma marking will have two torches, as shown in the photo below. The torch to the right is mounted on an air lifter and is dedicated to marking using Argon gas. When the marking process is selected, the marking torch is lowered into place using the air lifter.

Kit includes....

  • New Powermax 45XP
  • New 180* Machine Torch
  • Starter set of consumables for marking
  • Air lifter
  • Torch mount assembly for marking

Available for SeriesOne, XT, XT-P and Pro machines.

Only $2995

Watch Video



Our camera system is not a web cam. The system includes the camera, a pre-made video/power cable, camera power supply and USB video digitizer.

Why don't we use a web cam?

Simple. The max cable length on a USB connection is 15 feet. This is not enough length to make it from your PC, through your cable carrier and up to the lifter. An active USB cable MAY work on SOME PC's, but the video signal will be unrealiable.

The camera system is compatible with our TruVision positioning software used for positioning or with our built-in trace wizard.

Available for SeriesOne and XT machines.

Only $345

The Victor Oxy/Fuel torch system is an economical way to get into gas cutting. The 18" Victor machine torch has a 6" cutting capacity. This system is available in acetylene, propane, propylene or natural gas. The Oxy Fuel torch resides on it's own lifter so there is no need to switch the torches back and forth. The complete system includes....

  • 18" Machine Torch
  • (2) 50' Oxygen Hoses
  • (1) 50' Fuel Hose
  • (1) 3' Oxygen Hose (Solenoid to Torch)
  • (1) Cut Oxygen Solenoid
  • (2) Oxygen Regulators
  • (1) Fuel Regulator
  • (1) Lifter Assembly

Only $2975



An upgrade to the system above, this Harris system offer thicker cutting capacity and better gas control. Each system includes....

  • 18" Harris machine torch with up to 6" cutting capacity.
  • All applicable hoses, gas control solenoids and gas manifolds.
  • Ball screw driven lifter assembly.
  • PLC based "smart" motor drive.
  • Direct torch control right from the Victor control.
  • Automatic or manual pre-heat processes.
  • Customer supplies gas supply bottles and regulators

Only $7490 (First Station)

$2495 (Each Additional Station)



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