Pro Overview

The Pro was developed as a fully featured industrial plasma cutting system. It offers an attractive price point that makes the jump from our SeriesOne or XT machines easy and painless. The pro offers industrial features such as servo motors with planetary gear boxes, rack and pinion drive and Victor's iCNC Performance control. The pro allows you start on a budget with air plasma, then upgrade to high definition down the road. The pro is available in one size, 6 x 12, and features a pressurized water cutting bed.

The most notable aspect of the Pro is it's gantry orientation. While most plasma cutting machines place the linear rail that the gantry rides on the long sides of the table, the Pro positions them on the short side, which means you are never loading material over a linear rail. This not only means that the life expectancy of the rail increases dramatically, it also allows you to position the machine against a wall and still maintain easy loading. See the diagrams below for comparison.

The Pro is unique in that you can start with something like a Powermax 65, then upgrade later to something like an Ultra-Cut 400. You'll never outgrow the Pro. It will grow with you. When you are ready for more capacity, don't buy another machine, just upgrade the plasma. Plasma options include the following...

  • Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut 100, 200, 300 or 400 (Manual gas control or Auto Gas)
  • Thermal dynamics Auto-Cut 100, 200
  • Thermal Dynamics CutMaster A60, A80 or A120
  • Powermax 65, 85, 105 or 125

For integrated marking capability, choose a Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut with Auto Gas.

We chose the Victor iCNC Performance control for it's seamless integration into just about every plasma system out there as well as it's ease of use. The iCNC Performance control offers advanced features such as...

  • On board Micro-CAD software
  • Extensive shape library
  • Allows control of plasma and one oxy/fuel station
  • Automatic power supply control using electronic profile charts (High Definition plasma only)

6 x 12 Cutting area
Controls Victor iCNC Performance
Motor Type DC Servo
X Axis Drive (Dual Side Drive) Rack and Pinion
Y Axis Drive Rack and Pinion
Z Axis Drive Ball Screw (Victor Lifter)
Travel Speed (X and Y) 800 IPM
Travel Speed (Z) 400 IPM
Warranty (Mechanical Components) 2 Years
Warranty (Controls) 2 Years
Warranty (Plasma Power Supply) 2 Years
Warranty (Torch) 1 Year
Automatic Torch Height Control Included
Pricing See Build Page


Pro Features

x The Pro is available is 6 x 12 only. Every machine is built with a pressurized water bed allowing easy evacuation of water for cleaning and part removal.
x Perhaps the most notable difference between the TruCut Pro and most other tables on the market is the axis orientation. We designed the Pro with the gantry riding on the short side of the table. This orientation means the machine operator will never be loading material over the rails. The pro can also be placed in your shop with the long side toward the wall, saving valuable shop floor space.
The Pro uses a high quality spur cut rack and pinion drive system with DC servo motors. Power it conveyed to the rack through a precision planetary gear box. The motors are engaged into the rack using air pressure. Air pressure provides a much more positive engagement over springs, eliminating the possibility of jumping a tooth during rapid stops or direction changes.
The Pro uses SKF precision profile rail. This rail system is a step up from the V-Rail we use on our SeriesOne machines and provides a more rigid motion platform.
x The Pro comes equipped with an optical collision sensor. This serves two purposes. (1) When not using ohmic sensing, it senses top of material before a cut and (2) during a cut, it provides feedback to the control. If the collision sensor is tripped during a cut, motion is paused. This saves consumables and allows easy restart of the job.

The torch mount also incorporates an optical laser for torch positioning and plate squaring.

Optional opposed cable carrier shown

The Pro uses the best cable carrier in the industry, IGUS. We chose an enclosed carrier for the Pro to provide complete protection of the cables, hoses and torch leads. Machnes come standard with a single X and a single Y axis cable carrier. This configuration is optimal for air plasma or plasma machine NOT using high frequency arc start.

For machines configured with plasma units using high frequency arc start, such as high definition and oxygen units, we offer an optional dual, opposed cable carrier configuration. Electrically noisy plasma grounds and torch leads feed through the right side of the machine while clean servo and control signals feed through the left side. This separation prevents electrically noisy components from interfering with components that require a clean signal. This option is required for high definition and oxygen plasma units.

x Plasma marking allows you to etch material using the plasma torch. The marking software precisely controls the machine speed and current to produce a light etched mark. This feature is great for marking drilled holes, brake lines, part numbers, assembly instructions or use it for artistic applications.

The marking process uses Argon gas and requires an Ultra-Cut machine with auto gas.

The Pro is available with a single oxy/fuel cutting station. This is the same Harris system we use on our Titan series machines. Fuel options include Acetylene, Natural Gas, Propane and Propylene. The Victor XT control provides seamless integration of up to four oxy/fuel stations.

Gas Distribution is handled through a precision gauge manifold featuring Harris gauges and regulators. Plasma and Oxy torched ride on the same carriage but each have their own lifter for individual control.


We chose the Victor iCNC Performance control for it's seamless integration into just about all plasma power supplies on the market as well as it's ease of use. The iCNC Performance control offers the same software as it's big brother, as seen on our Titan series machines, but in a more compact package.

The iCNC Performance offers....

  • High resolution motion output
  • Integrated height control
  • Matched lifter
  • Crash detection
  • Ohmic Sensing
  • Internal shape library
  • WiFi connectivity
  • User friendly touch screen with tactile buttons


We proudly stand behind our products with a two (2) year warranty. Rack an pinion drive parts are covered against manufacturers defect. Normal wear is excluded.

The Victor plasma power supply and control are covered for a period of 2 years.




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