SeriesOne Overview

We developed the SeriesOne plasma table after some dedicated research and the realization that fully functional table in the $10,000 price range did not exist, and to this day the SeriesOne is the only table available that includes everything you need including a complete table, automatic torch height control, controller software, and CAM software. We even include a shape generation program offered by other manufacturers at a considerable cost. This program is built into our controller and allows you cut circles, ovals, squares, triangles, rectangles, rounded corner rectangles, diamonds, polygons, slots and stars right from the controller screen.

When you buy a TruCut, the extras are not extra.

Some manufacturers advertise low "starting at" pricing to get you hooked and by the time you have a usable table, you're into it for $16,000, $17,000 or even $20,000. We offer options for the SeriesOne, but everything essential to the reliable operation of the machine is included in our low price. The SeriesOne gives you all this, as well as an all steel welded gantry and heavy steel frame.

The SeriesOne system is 100% non-proprietary. That means no expensive replacement parts only available through one source and no recurring software license fees or annual service contracts. All software we provide is widely supported either by us, through Internet user forums or by the software designers themselves. We realize that a low purchase price is pointless unless the cost of ownership is also low. Don't be fooled by manufacturers offering low prices just to find out that you have to buy a service contract just to get them to answer the phone.

We are an OEM distributor for Thermal Dynamics and Hypertherm automation cutting equipment. If you would like to integrate an automation plasma power supply into your new table, we can help. We offer discounts on automation plasma power supplies when purchase with a table. See our web page featuring the CutMaster A series plasma units.

CLICK HERE to see a comparison between the SeriesOne, XT and XT-P machines.

Overall Footprint 72.5W x 127L 84.5W x 151L 96.5 x 175L
Cutting area 48W x 96L 60W x 120L 72W x 144L
Weight Approx 1200 lbs Approx 1300 lbs Approx 1400 lbs
Motor Type Stepper Stepper Stepper
X and Y Resolution 0.0006 0.0006 0.0006
Z Resolution .000008 .000008 .000008
X Axis Drive (Dual Side Drive) Precision Roller Chain Precision Roller Chain Precision Roller Chain
Y Axis Drive Precision Roller Chain Precision Roller Chain Precision Roller Chain
Z Axis Drive Ultra-Smooth Lead Screw Ultra-Smooth Lead Screw Ultra-Smooth Lead Screw
Travel Speed (X and Y) 600 IPM 600 IPM 600 IPM
Travel Speed (Z) 50 IPM 50 IPM 50 IPM
Max Recommended Acceleration 50 I/S^2 50 I/S^2 50 I/S^2
Warranty (Mechanical Components) 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Warranty (Electrical Components) 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Automatic Torch Height Control Included Included Included
SheetCAM CAM Software Included Included Included
Pricing $9,995 $12,495 $15,495

SeriesOne Features

x Unlike most machines in it's class, the SeriesOne features an all steel welded gantry delivering rigidity and stability not possible with an aluminum gantry. While we designed the SeriesOne as a plasma cutting system, our steel gantry offers the stability required to resist the cutting forces involved in routing as well.
x X and Y axes cable carriers keep power and drive cable and torch leads secure and out of the way. Cable carriers are standard equipment on every machine.

All SeriesOne table come standard with a crash sensing torch mount. Three sensors on the torch mount monitor the state of the torch. If Crash Sensing is enabled and a sensor breaks, the machine goes into a feed hold state preventing any damage to the torch of lifter.


x Every SeriesOne machine comes with a water table standard. We also provide enogh Plasma Quench to last about 6 months.

Our TruTracâ„¢ automatic torch height control delivers true industrial performance without the industrial price. The TruTracâ„¢ operates outside of Mach3 controlling the Z axis directly, which allows Z axis height corrections at speeds up to the maximum velocity setting. The internal PID controller continuously adjusts Z speed based on torch height.

The TruTrac THC includes a digital remote control for easy adjustment of THC parameters. Just set your target arc voltage, which is obtained from the Hypertherm cut charts, and regardless of pierce height, the THC will drive the torch to your desired height.


Motion control is handled by the Mach4 controller software and an Ethernet bases motion controller. This PC based controller is widely accepted as the most reliable and stable controller available and we are proud to offer it with the SeriesOne and XT Machines.

Our controller also includes an integrated shape generator. This time saving feature allows the operator to create simple shapes right from the controller screen without going through the CAD/CAM process. A simple button click is all it takes to generate a wide variety of shapes.

A PC is included with Mach4 pre-loaded and every machine also includes a copy of Vectric Cuit2D, which is an idustry leading program for CAD, CAM, vector conversion and shape nesting.

Every SeriesOne machine includes a new Dell PC and widescreen monitor with the following specs...

  • Inspiron 3650
  • 16GB Ram
  • 240G Solid State Hard Drive
  • Intel i3-6100 Processor
  • Windows 10 Pro



The SeriesOne is not only inexpensive to purchase, but it also has a very low cost of ownership. We designed the SeriesOne around off the shelf parts available at any industrial supply house. There is also no proprietary software or software with any sort of recurring licensing fees. We provide licensed software and you are free to download updates at any time.

Unlike some manufacturers, our controller is modular. What that means is that all components within the controller housing are replaceable individually. If your table is out of warranty and a drive fails, the last thing you need is to spend $1-2k on an entire controller when all you have to is replace one motor drive.


We proudly stand behind our products with a three (3) year warranty on mechanical components and controller electronics and a 90 day warranty on the PC. We will repair or replace components returned to us within the warranty period at no charge.

We support our machines indefinitely. Whether you buy a new machine or a used machine from a private party, we'll always be here for you. We don't offer expensive support contracts because every machine comes with support for life. We give you phone and e-mail support for the life of the machine. If it's our machine, we support it, regardless of where or how you bought it.


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