QuickDuct CAM Bench

QuickDuct Bench gives you our Basic fitting library . Bench gives you everything you need to design, input, and DXF out your own fitting jobs.

By using powerful ShopData Systems software, QuickDuct Bench makes it easy to select your fittings, input the dimensions, quantity and material type, and then see an actual 3D preview of the fitting and the flat layouts of the parts. You can even modify the finished patterns for special applications by using QuickDuct Bench 
powerful "Workbench" drawing tool. You can place holes, chop pieces, scale or stretch them, and even merge two patterns 

Comprehensive library provides ultimate flexibility

The Bench fitting library includes 50 basic and complex fitting shapes including cones, offsets, elbows, wyes, branch fittings and square-to-rounds. Capabilities such as mitering, reducing, concentric/eccentric dimensioning are available as well as selectable seam placement, selectable hole sizing, and inside/outside diameter material compensation.

Layout View

View the pieces to your fitting in our 2D layout window. You can check dimensions, add dimensions, modify the pieces, and print the drawing. You can even manually nest in our 2D view.

Programmable post processor

ShopData provides and supports programmable post processors for most CNC applications (water jet, laser, punch / plasma combination, and more).

WinLink communication

Shop Data System allows continuous access to your library of parts and nested sheets. Download and upload from/to your PC.

Personalized training & support

When it comes to our Bench software, and all of our other products, we make sure that our customers know how to get the best results. We offer a wide range of online training videos that can show you how to use all aspects of our Bench software. Additionally, we’re available from 8am to 5pm (CST) for phone technical support to subscribers of our support and upgrade program (TSUS). Once you subscribe, you will instantly gain access to a tech assistant any time business hours  you need to troubleshoot an issue.


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