BobCAD CAM V26 Express for Shape Cutting

To learn more about features the BobCAD CAM V26 Express software package offers, watch the following videos. Some of the videos will refer to the drawing shown to the left. These videos will guide you through the basic features of BobCAD.

Note: The bundled version of BobCAD that came with your TruCut machine does not include the CAM module. Tutorials that specify a version number are specifit to that version. If the tutorial does not specify a version number, aside from some possible changes to the user interface, it should

V27 Shape Library
Pattern Tracing Using BobART #1
Pattern Tracing Using BobART #2
Drawing Features Demo
Basic CAD Features
Basic CAM Features
Basic Pattern Features
BobCAD Basic Drawing - Lines
BobCAD Basic Drawing - Curves
BobCAD Basic Drawing - Points 
BobCAD Basic Drawing - Rectangles & Elipses 
BobCAD Basic Drawing - Circles and Arcs 
Create Text in BobCAD 
Text on a Curve in BobCAD 
Scaling in BobCAD 
Using the BobCAD Translate Function - Part 1 
Using the BobCAD Translate Function - Part 2 
Duplicate Entities in BobCAD 
Trimming in BobCAD 
Using Deform and Drag Corner in BobCAD 
Ovals appear distorted when opened in SheetCAM