XTP Overview

The XT-P takes the XT to the next level by adding the Victor iCNC Performance control. The iCNC Performance control is a purpose build CNC plasma controller. It's featured and work flow were designed for plasma cutting. The iCNC Performance control is also compatible with High Frequency arc start plasma power supply's. This means that the XT-P is compatible with Hi-Definition plasma power supply's.

The XT-P controller consists of a Victor iCNC controller and includes Vectric Cut2D software. CLICK HERE to see a comparison between the XT and XT-P machines.

Overall Footprint 80.5W x 127L 92.5W x 151L 104.5 x 175L
Cutting area 48W x 96L 60W x 120L 72W x 144L
Weight Approx 1400 lbs Approx 1500 lbs Approx 1600 lbs
Motor Type Stepper Stepper Stepper
Reduction Type Planetary Gearbox Planetary Gearbox Planetary Gearbox
X Axis Drive (Dual Side Drive) Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion
Y Axis Drive Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion
Z Axis Drive Ball Screw (Victor Lifter) Ball Screw (Victor Lifter) Ball Screw (Victor Lifter)
Travel Speed (X and Y) 1000 IPM 1000 IPM 1000 IPM
Travel Speed (Z) 100 IPM 100 IPM 100 IPM
Warranty (Mechanical Components) 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Warranty (Electrical Components) 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Automatic Torch Height Control Included Included Included
Vectric Cut2D Software Included Included Included
Pricing $20,995 $23,295 $27,495


XT-P Features

x The XT features an all steel welded gantry with a wider footprint that the SeriesOne for added stability.

The most notable difference between the SeriesOne and XT machines is that the XT uses rack & pinion drive. While our SeriesOne chain drive works well and has proven itself over the years, the XT's rack & pinion delivers greater stability and system rigidity.

x The XT features planetary gearboxes rather than belt belt reduction. Planetary gearboxes provide less backlash, less maintenance and better accuracy. We use a 5:1 single stage gearbox which delivers more torque than our SeriesOne belt drive.
x Some machines use springs to engage the pinion into the rack. We chose to use air pressure. Air pressure is adjustable and by using an air solenoid valve, we can easily disengage the pinions from the racks. This feature acts as a secondary E-Stop.
x TruCut machines have always been known for reliability and durability, and the XT is no exception. The XT uses hardened V-rail and rollers for long term reliability and service.
x X and Y axes cable carriers keep power and drive cable and torch leads secure and out of the way. Cable carriers are standard equipment on every machine.

All XT-P tables come standard with the Victor iHC height control, our Trucut lifter and a crash sensing torch mount. The lifter has an integrated, optical sensing torch mount that senses a torch collision and stops the program instantly. To recover and resume cutting, simply press the torch button.

Every XT machine includes either an open frame grid system or a water pan. When you place your order, just let us know which way you would like to go. Water pans all include a 1-1/2" NPT fitting to attach a valve or plug. Open frame tables are a great way to go if you would like to build your own downdraft system.
x A stable cutting grid is an essential component in making quality cuts. When the cutting grid is allowed to move, the material resting on the grid also moves. The SeriesOne curved cutting grid ensures that the grid and the material being cut remains stable, even during rapid changes in direction. Grid slats are simply 1/8" x 2" flat bar available at your favorite steel supplier. No preforming is required. Just flex the slats so they fit in the grid support.

The XT-P uses the Victor iHC height control, which is built into the iCNC controller.


The shining jewel of the XTP is the iCNC Performance control. Victor got it right with this one. Here are just a few of it's great features and benefits....

  • High resolution motion output
  • Integrated height control
  • Crash detection
  • Ohmic Sensing
  • Internal shape library
  • WiFi connectivity
  • User friendly touch screen with tactile buttons

We proudly stand behind our products with a three (3) year warranty on mechanical components. The iCNC controller and related parts supplied by Victor are covered for 2 years.

We support our machines indefinitely. Whether you buy a new machine or a used machine from a private party, we'll always be here for you. We don't offer expensive support contracts because every machine comes with support for life. We give you phone and e-mail support for the life of the machine. If it's our machine, we support it, regardless of where or how you bought it.



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